Suzanne Rubin

A Brief Conversation With Suzanne Rubin Makes Me Reconsider My Position On American’s Recent Changes

It’s no secret that recent American Airlines changes weren’t well received by the frequent travel community.  Some folks in the blogsphere and elsewhere were upset about American’s lack of notice while others were just plain upset they made the changes. I was on record as being critical of their e-mail communication to their members and also that I think there are more painful changes coming. I was lucky enough to run into Suzanne Rubin at a conference this week and talk with her for a few minutes.  Suzanne approached me […]

One Of My Favorite Tools Got Useful Again! AwardWallet Can Track Your American Airlines Account

It can be a bear to keep track of the dozens of programs I have miles in.  Add to that extra accounts for the rest of my family members and I’ve got a part-time job on my hands.  Award Wallet is one of my favorite tools for keeping track of miles and points.  In the beginning, it would automatically update your balances by logging into your various accounts for you. Alas, that went by the wayside when the airlines decided they didn’t like Award Wallet accessing accounts for their customers. […]

I’m Excited To Hear Suzanne Rubin Is Going To Stay In Charge Of The AAdvantage Program at American Airlines

Good news from my favorite airline late last week.  One of the very special people in charge of a frequent travel program, Suzanne Rubin, has been tapped to stay in charge of the AAdvantage program when the American Airlines/US Airways merger is completed. You can see the discussion here on Milepoint.  I’ve got to say I’m a little surprised.  Not because Suzanne isn’t the right person for the job.  On the contrary, I think she’s doing a great job.  I didn’t think anyone could replace Maya Liebman, my all-time favorite […]

Ask the President of American Airlines AAdvantage Program A Question Live

Suzanne Rubin, the President of AAdvantage, is going to be answering questions live on Milepoint at 9pm EDT/8pm CDT/6pm PDT. There aren’t many opportunities for us normal folk to ask questions of people that run massive programs like AAdvantage.  I’ve had the good fortune to meet Suzanne and she’s one of my absolutely favorite people in the travel industry.  I’ve found her to be engaging and brutally honest in her thoughts and replies, and I’m psyched to see her gearing up to answer questions. You can pre-submit your questions here […]