One Of My Favorite Tools Got Useful Again! AwardWallet Can Track Your American Airlines Account

It can be a bear to keep track of the dozens of programs I have miles in.  Add to that extra accounts for the rest of my family members and I’ve got a part-time job on my hands.  Award Wallet is one of my favorite tools for keeping track of miles and points.  In the beginning, it would automatically update your balances by logging into your various accounts for you.

Alas, that went by the wayside when the airlines decided they didn’t like Award Wallet accessing accounts for their customers.  While it was still useful for tracking hotel accounts, the airline piece was pretty useless to me when the ability to update automatically was taken away.  It even caused some issues with a friend of mine since I help him track his miles through Award Wallet.  He almost lost 50,000 AAdvantage miles, saved only by a timely call from American Airlines.

That’s why I was so happy today to hear that American had worked out a deal with Award Wallet to allow them access to AAdvantage accounts again.  I like Suzanne Rubin, the head of AAdvantage a lot.  But, ultimately I thought this was either a financial decision for them, and one Award Wallet couldn’t likely afford since they’re a mostly free service, or a security issue that wouldn’t get solved anytime this millenium.

So, I’m surprised, but ultimately pleased that this functionality is back.  Don’t worry, American, I’ll still visit your site frequently enough to check out what’s going on.  I’ll just have all the accounts I track in one place so I don’t lose my mind.

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    1. I don’t know. I don’t think AW was all that wild about giving AA money when this whole thing went down before. I agree completely that it was always going to be about money, but I think AW overplayed their position a bit in the beginning, delaying this from happening sooner.

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