I’m Excited To Hear Suzanne Rubin Is Going To Stay In Charge Of The AAdvantage Program at American Airlines

Good news from my favorite airline late last week.  One of the very special people in charge of a frequent travel program, Suzanne Rubin, has been tapped to stay in charge of the AAdvantage program when the American Airlines/US Airways merger is completed.

You can see the discussion here on Milepoint.  I’ve got to say I’m a little surprised.  Not because Suzanne isn’t the right person for the job.  On the contrary, I think she’s doing a great job.  I didn’t think anyone could replace Maya Liebman, my all-time favorite airline executive.  But Suzanne took over and has done an exemplary job.

When the first chunk of announcements for executives between the combined airlines came out, it was tilted in favor of US Airways.  But, Maya Liebman was named to continue on in a prominent role with American Airlines.

This was the next shoe waiting to drop, and I’m happy to hear that Suzanne will be continuing in an important role for American.  The AAdvantage program takes excellent care of it’s top-tier Executive Platinum members, better than any of their competitors IMO.  While I expect changes to the program, (not necessarily positive ones) there’s no better sign that the new American will continue to value EXPs highly than by having the same stellar person running the AAdvantage program.



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