Photos Of American Airlines’ New A319: Not Too Shabby

Via Lucky at One Mile at a Time, there are a ton of great pictures of American Airlines’ new Airbus 319 interior.  While I’m not wild about the reduction in first class seats on these planes, there are a number of cool things to see in the pictures.

First, I was surprised to see that it appears every seat on the plane has a television/touch screen in front of it.  That’s a bit surprising for a legacy carrier on short flights.  Sure, Southwest is offering live TV for free right now on planes, but it’s doing that on devices people bring with them.

I think it’s clear that American is gambling on technology being a differentiating factor here since the majority of their competition isn’t offering TV screens in setbacks for domestic US flights.

These do look like slimmer seats and all the seats are “leather”, which is another plus.  From a legroom standpoint, they seem to mimic what Lufthansa and United have rolled out, where the magazine storage moves up top behind the tray, allowing more legroom in the bottom portion of the seat.

Overall it looks like this will be a comfortable plane for short haul flights.  I’ll be curious to see how American leverages the TV screens to try and establish a value proposition over their competitors.


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    1. I didn’t want to Bogart all of Lucky’s pics. Just click on the link at the top of the post.

        1. Weird. I’m on a really crappy Internet connection but somehow the intro paragraph disappeared. I added the link back in. Thanks for pointing that out!

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