A Pretty Cool Package From LIVESTRONG For Milepoint

I arrived home yesterday afternoon to find a Fedex box sitting on my desk.  I wasn’t expecting anything special, but it sure was.  You see, about 6 months ago, Milepoint (of which I’m proud to be a co-founder) signed a five-year agreement to be a part of LIVESTRONG President’s Circle, which was started by LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman.  As part of Milepoint’s commitment to donate at least 10% of our annual profits to charity each year, we’ve committed to a minimum $5,000 donation to LIVESTRONG for the next five years.  And, LIVESTRONG decided to send us a little something to recognize our support of their efforts.

Cool Package

Cool Package

At at time when some think it’s not cool or fashionable to support LIVESTRONG, I’m happy to stand behind an organization that continues to help cancer survivors fight against cancer.

If you’re one of those people that’s contributed to our efforts along the way, today is another day for me to offer my profound thanks.

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