Have You Seen The New $100 Bill?

Okay, so not really travel related, though I do usually take some US dollars overseas when I travel and the currency in other countries is generally more intricate than ours.  I was at the bank yesterday and saw one of the bank tellers waving around one of the new 100 dollar bills.  I’d seen pictures online but it looked kinda cool in person.  So, I traded 5 20s for one, brand-new crispy “Benjamins”.

Oddly enough, after handling the new bill, my 7-year old daughter decided, “Cool, Daddy!  I really wish I could have one.”

The New $100 Bill



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  1. Meh. I don’t know if it’s just your photo or the bill, but the orange looks Photoshopped. Especially the big 100 on the back. I kind of like that the U.S. doesn’t have the loud, colorful currency of other countries — though I wouldn’t mind assigning each denomination a different size or creating more obvious differences between coins. Our coins suck.

    1. The 100 on the back does look odd. The size of the numbers really do look out of place when considering the historical norms of our money.

      I’m not necessarily wild about having different size bills though I understand the logic. And, I guess we slightly disagree on coins since I think they’ve done a reasonable job with the state-specific quarters and dollar coins (despite the lack of acceptance of the latter).

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