American Airlines Has A Fun New Promotion Where You Can Earn 5,000 Miles

Remember the olden days of the US Airways Grand Slam promotion? This won’t get you back to those heights, but you might score a few free miles. If you’re trying to earn bonus miles for family travel, it’s worth taking a peek to see if you can add a few miles here and there.

Here’s How To Travel Shop On Black Friday

I remember deciding to go shopping early on Black Friday one year.  I can’t even blame my wife because it was at least as much my decision as it was hers.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that the discounts probably weren’t worth the mass pandemonium and long lines everywhere I went.  And, this was a few years ago, where admittedly maybe the deals weren’t as good as they are today but the crowds were certainly smaller than today’s craziness. So, why not just stay home and […]

Easy Arm-Chair Miles: 40 AAdvantage Miles For Magazine Subscriptions

I think one of the toughest things for most people is figuring out how to get started collecting miles and points.  Shopping portals sponsored by the airlines are a valuable tool and they occasionally have outsized opportunities for everyday folks to collect miles. Right now, the AAdvantage shopping portal is offering 40 miles per dollar spent on magazine subscriptions. It’s double the normal 20 miles per dollar and good through July 31, 2013.   It’s not like you’re going to earn millions of miles from such an offer.  But, it’s […]

More Holiday Shopping Deals. USAirways Offering Bonuses Via Their Shopping Portal

It looks like US Airways has now started rolling out some holiday offers in their shopping portal. I don’t see too many stellar values, but Under Armour is now 6 miles per dollar instead of 3.  If you’re in the market for a laptop, Lenovo is 4 miles/$ instead of 2.  You can even get 6 miles per dollar for shoes (including UGGs) at Online Shoes. Like I said, no truly awesome deals, though 6 miles per dollar for shoes is decent.  And, some of the recent AAdvantage deals I […]