How To Tell The Difference Between Good Daily Getaways And Bad Ones

We’re just about two weeks into the Daily Getaways deals and there have been plenty of both good and bad offers.  Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but there are a few things that seem to be firmly placed in either category. Just like last year, I had circled last Friday’s deal involving Busch Gardens and SeaWorld.  I’ve recommended in my Daily Getaways posts that you be ready right at 1pm EDT if you’re interested in a particular deal.  I had two computers out and ready right […]

AAA Is Good For More Than Flat Tires (And Hotel Stays)

Reading View From The Wing today, I found myself nodding my head at the value of AAA. Gary sounds about as allergic to prepaid hotel reservations as I am.  Plans change too frequently.  And, while SPG and Hyatt have generally been good about getting me out of prepaid reservations, I’d rather not deal with them.  That’s what’s so good about AAA.  As Gary points out, Hyatt’s AAA rate is usually the same as their prepaid rate but without the prepayment and cancellation penalties.  Sometimes I’ve even found much larger discounts. […]