Daily Getaways Breakdown For May 30th: SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

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In case you’re not familiar, Daily Getaways are daily deals sponsored by the US Travel Association.  Some are better than others, so you need to think about whether you can take full advantage of the offer before buying.

For the more popular offers, they will sell out quickly, which means being around right when they go on sale each day at 1:00 pm EDT.  Some offers will sell out in hours, some in minutes.  It’s also important to be patient.  If you click shortly after an offer becomes available and it shows sold out, keep trying.  Someone may have an offer in their shopping cart but change their mind or have their computer crash.  When that happens, their bad luck or change of heart can be your good fortune.

Finally, make sure you pay with an American Express card to save an additional 10%.  Any AMEX card will do.

Since my new daily newsletter format has my notification coming to subscribers between 7 and 10pm EDT, I’ll summarize today’s and tomorrow’s offer so you can plan ahead if reading in the evening.  Feel free to e-mail me or post questions in the comments section.  Good luck chasing the deals you’re looking for!

Friday, May 30th:  SeaWorld & Busch Gardens

Purchase SeaWorld tickets for $44.10 (with 10% discount for paying with an AMEX card).

Purchase Busch Gardens tickets for $40.50 (with 10% discount for paying with an AMEX card).

If you’re interested in either of these for your family, I haven’t seen a lower price anywhere else.  I bought these last year without much trouble.

For SeaWorld, you have a few different price points depending on which SeaWorld you want to visit.

SeaWorld San Diego is normally $84 a ticket (for adult or child) but is currently running a web discount to $64, though the tickets have to be used by August 17th.  You’d still save $20 with the Daily Getaways offer and you can use them until May 15, 2015.

SeaWorld San Antonio is normally $65 adult/$55 child but is currently running a special at $45/$35 if you plan to visit by August 17, 2014.  That would be cheaper than Daily Getaways, but the Daily Getaways option is good through May of next year if your travel falls after this summer.

SeaWorld Orlando is $80 a ticket.  This is by far the biggest savings from Daily Getaways, at roughly $35 savings each.

For Busch Gardens Williamsburg, tickets are normally $72 for adults and $62 for children.  That’s a roughly $30 savings per ticket for adults and $20 for children.

For Busch Gardens Tampa, tickets are normally $80 ($65 if you buy a weekday ticket).  Again, significant savings through Daily Getaways.

For both offers the max you can purchase is 6 tickets.  When I bought tickets last year, I used two separate names and two separate American Express cards to get 7 tickets (the limit last year was 4).

Bottom Line It For Me, Ed

I saved more than $200 last year buying Busch Gardens tickets and had no issue using them.  If you’re planning a single-day trip to any of these attractions I haven’t seen a better price.  However, if you plan a multi-day visit to one of these parks make sure to check on cheaper multi-day options directly from SeaWorld/Busch Gardens.

These tickets did go quickly last year so if you’re interested be prepared to purchase them right at 1pm EDT.

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  1. Why advertise facilities that offer abuse, jail and death? Is that the kind of education children need to see?
    SeaWorld must be closed!

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