Discounted Busch Gardens & SeaWorld Tickets Available Today Via Daily Getaways

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Today’s Daily Getaways offer is discounted Busch Gardens and Sea World Tickets. If you’re not familiar, these are a handful of deals offered by the U.S. Travel Association that come up each year where you can purchase discounted travel.
There are 5 total weeks of offers running through May 6th. You can see my brief overview of the first two weeks worth of offers here. I’ll be providing breakdowns of weeks 3 through 5 in the near future and will be trying to move to weekly summaries. But, for now, my travel schedule got into the way of having the first full week summarized for you.

Busch Gardens

This is the only Daily Getaway deal I’ve purchased, but we’ve saved a bunch of money each year we’ve bought these tickets. Starting at 1pm EST today, you’ll be able to purchase 2 different options:

  • Busch Gardens Single-Day Tickets For $45 (1091 Available)
  • SeaWorld Single-Day Tickets For $50 (2192 Available)

Let’s break down each of these separately.

Busch Gardens

There are 2 Busch Gardens parks. The Tampa, FL location charges $79 for a single-day ticket.  A 2-day ticket is $99 and a 3-day ticket is $109.  As you can see, it quickly becomes cheaper to buy multi-day passes directly from Busch Gardens.

Williamsburg, VA charges $77 for an adult single-day ticket and $67 for ages 3-9. They also sell an unlimited package for $77 that doesn’t include the Halloween festival, as well as some other combination option. Again, unless you’re planning a single-day visit, you’re better off buying direct than through Daily Getaways

While I have seen discounts on Busch Gardens tickets in the past, I’ve never seen prices as cheap as Daily Getaways offers.

Note: If you have kids age 5 or under, see how to get a free Busch Gardens season pass for them.


There are 3 SeaWorld locations, San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando.  All 3 have different prices.  San Diego charges $69 for a one-day pass, San Antonio is $55 and Orlando is $79.  That makes San Antonio the worst value overall, but you can still save a few bucks.  In all cases, a 2-day pass is a better deal than buying 2 discounted tickets through Daily Getaways.

Bottom Line

This is definitely one of those offers that will sell out quickly. You can purchase up to 6 of each ticket, but you can make multiple purchases as time allows. In the years that we’ve taken advantage of this offer it usually sells out in the first 10 minutes or so.

That means you need to be ready a few minutes before 1pm EST and you may want to start multiple transactions simultaneously if you’re trying to score more than 6 tickets.  It’s also worth continuing to try to purchase tickets (and may want to reduce the quantity) if the offer is showing as sold out shortly after 1pm. Some folks will put tickets in their cart and not finish the sale. When that happens, the inventory will be made available again, though usually only for a few minutes.

Good luck!

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