AAA Is Good For More Than Flat Tires (And Hotel Stays)

Reading View From The Wing today, I found myself nodding my head at the value of AAA.

Gary sounds about as allergic to prepaid hotel reservations as I am.  Plans change too frequently.  And, while SPG and Hyatt have generally been good about getting me out of prepaid reservations, I’d rather not deal with them.  That’s what’s so good about AAA.  As Gary points out, Hyatt’s AAA rate is usually the same as their prepaid rate but without the prepayment and cancellation penalties.  Sometimes I’ve even found much larger discounts.

However, for me, AAA doesn’t stop there. Now, Gary doesn’t have kids.  So, it’s understandable that he doesn’t use the theme park ticket benefit associated with a AAA membership.  Our family has gotten a ton of value out of this.

Disney is probably the worst discount of the bunch.  They sell the tickets for the same price as Disney, but don’t charge sales tax.  In Virginia, that ‘s 5%.  We’ve yielded much bigger discounts on places like Sea World and Hershey Park.  Tickets can be shipped to your house or usually can be picked up at a local AAA office.

Lastly, when I’m away from home it’s always good to know the family won’t be stuck with a flat tire for long.

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