Cheap Flights To The Caribbean, Free (And Easy) $20 And Really Expensive Yoga

The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles & points stories that interested me on a daily basis but didn’t have time to write about  in length.  Culled from over 100 blogs/authors I follow, some are passed along without comment, while I add my analysis to others.   This is your shortcut to find out what’s going on in the travel world without having to read dozens of travel blogs to get all the best info.

Earn Even More Miles For Hotel Stays With Some New Points Hound Changes

PointsHound announced changes today that increase your earning potential on many hotels around the world. In the example cases they gave, the increases are north of 40% more miles or points. I took a look at a few hotels I frequent and did see higher earning rates on a few, though not as big as 40% more. In speaking with Pete VanDorn from PointsHound, these changes are a combination of their recent acquisition by Points.com and the strength of new relationships with certain hotels and hotel chains where bigger commissions are leading to bigger rewards for customers.

Business Travel As A Family Man Kinda Sucks, Ben Baldanza Is Good At Taking Your Money, And Joe Biden Hates Laguardia. Things I Find Interesting On Friday, February 7, 2014

It’s been a quite blog week for me.  I had two straight days of meetings that have kept me tied up, and I’m headed home on an LAX-IAD flight as we speak.  I have lots of things to get caught up on, but I wanted to share some of my more interesting reading in the world of travel today. Rocketmiles has a big sign-up bonus for Aeroplan and United folks.  Rocketmiles is a service that allows you to earn airline miles on hotel bookings. I prefer PointsHound, but Rocketmiles is […]

PointsHound 1,000 Point Bonus Until End Of January

PointsHound has an offer out today for a 1,000 point bonus on any booking 3 days or longer.   1,000 points is a nice bonus but this promo is a bit more targeted based on the longer stay requirement. I earned over 15,000 miles from PointsHound last year and probably could have earned quite a bit more if I was a bit more flexible.  I want elite recognition for my stays with chains like Hyatt and Starwood, so if a Double Dip rate isn’t available on PointsHound I’m not booking […]

PointsHound Still Has A Few Fleas To Eradicate

If you’ve been following along, you probably saw my thoughts on PointsHound last week.  I was generally pleased with the booking process.  I saw a few small glitches and didn’t end up on quite the right page every time but the site seemed pretty robust. I’ve gone a few more rounds with the PointsHound site and have encountered a few bumps and bruises along the way.  Nothing earth shattering, but definitely rose to a level of annoyance that would probably prevent me from continuing to use the site on an […]

Launchpoint Contestant Review: PointsHound

As a follow-up to my LaunchPoint post earlier this week, I’ll be trying to do reviews of the first class of Launchpoint contestants who are vying for $50,000 in support for their travel-startup.  My first test was PointsHound. First, a brief summary of what PointsHound does.  At first glance, they look like a standard hotel booking engine/online travel agency (OTA).  But, PointsHound has plugged an interesting twist into that normal booking process.  They reward your booking with airline miles (as well as a few non-travel reward programs).  There’s two ways […]