Business Travel As A Family Man Kinda Sucks, Ben Baldanza Is Good At Taking Your Money, And Joe Biden Hates Laguardia. Things I Find Interesting On Friday, February 7, 2014

It’s been a quite blog week for me.  I had two straight days of meetings that have kept me tied up, and I’m headed home on an LAX-IAD flight as we speak.  I have lots of things to get caught up on, but I wanted to share some of my more interesting reading in the world of travel today.

Rocketmiles has a big sign-up bonus for Aeroplan and United folks.  Rocketmiles is a service that allows you to earn airline miles on hotel bookings. I prefer PointsHound, but Rocketmiles is an able competitor in the space.

My journalist friend Scott Mayerowitz went to the house of Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza to play board games and ask questions.  Ben took everyone’s money, of course.

A great chance to try driving an Audi very cheaply.  Solid Silvercar discount.

Trying to keep a normal family life when one spouse travels for a living sucks.  And, not just a little bit.  I can echo everything Mommy Points is saying here and more, especially with two kids at home.  It’s why I regard my wife as such an awesome mother.  She’s faced with challenges lots of parents don’t have.  But, there are plenty of people that have it tougher than us.

Vice President Joe Biden hates Laguardia airport.  I kinda do, too.  I grew up flying out of it in a much more glorious traveling time period.  Now, it’s really just conveniently located and that’s about it.

If you’re a Chase Sapphire card holder, don’t forget about first Friday today, earning 3 points per dollar on all dining today.

If you live in Southern California and want to head to Vegas, American Airlines is discounting award travel LAX-LAS for the next few months.

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