Apple’s Passbook Is A Must Have For Travelers Even If Not Everyone Sees It That Way

Maybe I’m naive, but I can’t see why some people don’t see the value in a free app that helps organize your life a bit.  The New York Times published an article not long ago taking a couple of pot shots at Passbook while still saying it might be, kinda sorta, if you’re really not expecting much could be a useful tool. Quoting from the article: Passbook, it turns out, is not so easy to use. In its original iOS 6 incarnation, the app displayed an opening screen that pointed […]

More Passbook Travel Integration

Passbook has really improved the quality of my flying experience.  I’ve been using it on my American and United flights and enjoying the ease of use it adds to my travel experience. I was happy to hear a few weeks ago that Hyatt (my go-to hotel chain) is going to be rolling it out soon. And, while I’m a bit late to the party on the posting, it looks like SPG is getting into the Passbook game as well. You’ll be able to store your member card in Passbook, which […]

Passbook A Bit Cooler Then I Originally Thought

One of the features I’m enjoying most about the new OS on the iPhone5 is Passbook. Since anyone with an iPhone 4 can also download the new OS, this feature alone may make it worth it if you travel. I wrote about my first experience with Passbook (a positive one). I had a pretty cool experience today, made cooler by the fact that United Airlines actually had good enough technology to make this work, though I suspect it’s probably the iOS API that made it possible. I had already checked […]

Quick Shots: Things That You Should See

View From The Wing and a bunch of Boarding Area bloggers are giving away a seat on StarMegaDo4.  You’ve only got until Sunday, October 7th, so hurry up and enter.  I’ve participated in 3 MegaDos so far, and each one has been an adventure I’ll never forget. Wandering Aramean has a good piece on the benefits of Passbook.  I’ve already used Passbook a number of times and I’m already seeing the benefits. Mommy Points is one of the judges for a 65,000 Hyatt point giveaway.  65,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points […]

I Just Used Passbook For The First Time

Okay, so it’s early.  But, I definitely like what I’m seeing.  I just checked in for my flight tomorrow on United using my iPhone 6 and successfully moved my boarding pass to Passbook. I wrote about Passbook recently and was pretty pumped about the possibilities.  There aren’t a ton of apps supporting it, but enough for me to start traveling with it using the United and American Airlines apps. I opened up the United app and checked in for my flight like I would normally. Once I clicked “Agree-Finish Check-in”, […]