More Passbook Travel Integration

Passbook has really improved the quality of my flying experience.  I’ve been using it on my American and United flights and enjoying the ease of use it adds to my travel experience.

I was happy to hear a few weeks ago that Hyatt (my go-to hotel chain) is going to be rolling it out soon.

And, while I’m a bit late to the party on the posting, it looks like SPG is getting into the Passbook game as well.

You’ll be able to store your member card in Passbook, which will be helpful to most.  I’m one of those weirdos that can’t remember most phone numbers anymore but have my SPG# (and a whole bunch of other frequent travel ones) committed to memory.

A coming soon feature which I do think is a great next step for Passbook integration is SPG Stay Pass:

Travel Integration

I do like being able to go to one place to access all my reservations across multiple hotel brands.  No need to hunt for multiple apps on my phone.  I’ll be curious to see if you still need to access the SPG app to save a copy of each reservation to your Passbook.  It’s probably the only downside I see to Passbook integration for the airlines.  You currently need to retrieve your boarding pass from the app (as opposed to the airline’s website).  Not a huge deal, but would be great to be able to “send” your BP or reservation directly to Passbook from your laptop.

Anyway, as Wandering Aramean opines, I still wonder why it’s taking so long for travel companies to jump on board.


  1. Hyatt may not be fully integrated yet, but I have a reservation that I made two days ago in my Passbook already. I’m not sure if the iPhone app can push it there or not… I loaded it into Passbook by clicking the “Send to Passbook” link on and then clicking the link in the email that got sent. It’s very rudimentary- just has the date, confirmation number, property name, and guest names. The flip side has the hotel info (phone, address, website, check in/out times, and directions to the property).

      1. I didn’t book online… I used an award by calling in. Once the reservation was made, I logged into and went to the Account Details page. Under the Account Summary, before the Account Activity is a new section called “Hyatt Passes on Passbook” which contains a link called “EMAIL PASS.” Click it, enter an email address that you can retrieve on your iPhone, and you’ll be sent a link to click on that will automatically prompt you to import the stay(s) into Passbook.

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