Passbook A Bit Cooler Then I Originally Thought

One of the features I’m enjoying most about the new OS on the iPhone5 is Passbook. Since anyone with an iPhone 4 can also download the new OS, this feature alone may make it worth it if you travel.

I wrote about my first experience with Passbook (a positive one).

I had a pretty cool experience today, made cooler by the fact that United Airlines actually had good enough technology to make this work, though I suspect it’s probably the iOS API that made it possible.

I had already checked in for my flight home on UA today and downloaded my boarding pass to Passbook. Miraculously, I was upgraded to first a short time later (my upgrade percentage with UA still blows chunks). I went back into UA’s mobile app to retrieve a new boarding pass only to find Passbook already had it.

It’s pretty neat when technology just makes our lives easier.

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