American Airlines Pilots Really Think They’ll Get A Better Deal With These Guys?

The AA pilot’s union continues to think that they’ll get a better deal from US Airways.  Their union head thinks that’s the way things are headed right now.

This still continues to baffle me.  I’ve written before that Doug Parker isn’t really to be trusted, especially after 7 years of labor strife as a result of the US Airways/America West merger.

Up until now, somewhat surprisingly, the US Airways pilot’s union has been pretty quiet.  That’s starting to change, as they are starting to criticize their CEO.  Their complaints are fairly obvious.  While they’re not against a merger, they believe their 7-year old issues should be resolved before doing so.

US Airways takes an interesting position.  After going 7 years without being able to get the two unions to agree with US Airways on a new contract, the quote from their spokesman was, “The idea that management is unable to come to agreements with unions is a fallacy”.

Uh, yeah.


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