I Just Used Passbook For The First Time

Okay, so it’s early.  But, I definitely like what I’m seeing.  I just checked in for my flight tomorrow on United using my iPhone 6 and successfully moved my boarding pass to Passbook.

I wrote about Passbook recently and was pretty pumped about the possibilities.  There aren’t a ton of apps supporting it, but enough for me to start traveling with it using the United and American Airlines apps.

I opened up the United app and checked in for my flight like I would normally.


Once I clicked “Agree-Finish Check-in”, the next screen presented me with multiple options:


Though there were no clear-cut instructions at this point, I clicked on the top link for “Mobile Boarding Pass” and this is what I saw next:


See the yellow bar at the top?  🙂

All I did was click it, and next thing you know, this was in my Passbook App:


From what I’ve read, when using Passbook the screen won’t dim and you won’t get any pop-ups (like a wi-fi network list) to block the screen.  Which means this is definitely an easier way to carry my mobile boarding pass.

Like I said, it’s early.  But it’s definitely made this trip easier so far.


    1. Ketan,

      I used AA on Passbook last weekend but didn’t take notice of the gate information. That’s a pretty cool feature. Seeing as how the airlines aren’t known for their technical prowess, I’ve got to figure the ability to control such options is opened up by Apple’s Passbook API without a lot of effort.

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