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Is There Trouble In Ultimate Rewards Land?

For those of us obsessed with interested in the miles and points game, it’s hard to argue with the value of Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  The points transfer to a number of programs on a 1:1 ratio, including: United Airlines British Airways Southwest Airlines Virgin Atlantic Korean Air Hyatt IHG Marriott The two categories of cards that earn Ultimate Rewards points that I personally carry are personal (like Chase Sapphire) and business (Ink Bold and Ink Plus).  These aren’t referral links, just some of my favorite cards. To the best […]

The Easy Way To Earn 5 Miles Per Dollar For All Your Starbucks Beverages

I’ve been playing the points and miles game for so long I sometimes take for granted what someone who wants to get started might think “easy” is.  I was sitting with a good friend enjoying some lunch last week going through various credit card permutations.  He willingly admitted that it was all a bit over his head.  He couldn’t begin to imagine how someone would track stacks of gift cards, let alone the credit cards you need to manage to buy all those gift cards.  I agree, it’s a lot […]

Practice What You Preach!

I realized last night that even though I talk about how great the Ink and Sapphire family of cards are from Chase, I had a glaring hole in my own wallet.  And, what a great time to realize this issue, since the Ink cards have a special of a 60,000 point sign-up bonus right now. I don’t have an Ink Plus card.  I’ve had an Ink Bold for quite some time, but I somehow overlooked the Ink Plus card.  And, I have a business that could use another card, so […]

It’s A Great Time To Apply For Some Of My Favorite Credit Cards: Ink Bold & Ink Plus

Credit cards (and the accompanying sign-up bonuses) have become a big part of most effective strategies for earning points and miles.  Just a few days ago I was discussing a great way to pick the low hanging fruit by buying gift cards from office supply stores using your Ink Bold card. And, just like that, Chase made it more lucrative to grab a couple of these cards (but only for this week).  I don’t earn any commission off of these links, just promoting the best offer I can recall for […]

What Credit Card Should I Use For Hyatt Stays During Their Summer Promo?

FROM THE COMMENTS BELOW, Gary brings up the point that I don’t actually have to use a Hyatt Visa to get the 20% bonus, which changes a bunch of the math.  After reviewing the T&C, it doesn’t actually state any requirement to pay with the Hyatt Visa card.  In fact, the regular T&C don’t even mention the Hyatt Visa at all.  Under a separate T&C specifically just for credit card holders, the issue is addressed as follows: HYATT CREDIT CARD BONUS: During the Promotion Period, registered Hyatt Gold Passport members […]

An Update On The Update On Office Depot Gift Cards

Another small data point on purchasing variable amount gift cards from Office Depot using your Ink Bold card to earn 5 points per dollar. There were a few comments on my original update post indicating that some stores still have cards and some stores don’t. When I checked back at my local Office Depot today, they actually still had both variable AMEX and VISA cards, although significantly less of both.  A big chunk of the display is empty with nothing refilling it.  Since it’s been a week I’m assuming they’re […]

A Quick Update On Office Depot Gift Cards

Just a quick update to my post yesterday about variable amount gift cards disappearing from Office Depot. I stopped by my local Office Depot again this morning and all the same cards I purchased were still being displayed. It didn’t appear they’d updated the full planagram for the gift card display as the AMEX product I wasn’t allowed to buy yesterday still showed a few empty slots. But, there were some new items filled in, so there’s still a chance some of the variable cards are hanging around. There are […]

Citi Platinum Select/AAdvantage World MasterCard Sign-Up Bonus Dropping to 30,000 Miles?

Now that I’ve switched the majority of travel back to American Airlines I’m spending a lot more time on the AA website.  Over the past few weeks I’ve noted the 40,000 mile sign-up offers for the Citi Platinum Select/AAdvantage World MasterCard in the margin alongside the booking engine, along with a $125 statement credit: Someone asked me recently if the card was worth it.  I didn’t recall seeing the $125 statement credit until recently, so I went to check out all the benefits so I could render my opinion.  You […]

Answers To The Remaining Questions On The American Express BusinessExtrAA Platinum Card

Don’t forget to enter my contests for a free roundtrip ticket on American Airlines and/or 25,000 United MileagePlus miles or Hyatt Gold Passport points!  Today is the last day to enter. Comment as much as you like, each comment earns one entry. It took me some time, but I’ve found out some more answers on the American Express BusinessExtrAA Platinum Card. First, I confirmed the annual fee is $395. I also confirmed this is a true corporate card, which means no personal signature (doesn’t affect your personal credit). I was […]

Credit Cards Are An Integral Part Of Any Mileage Strategy

Most people I talk to about miles and points don’t believe that they’re able to take the same types of trips that I do.  They just figure because they don’t fly a lot on a yearly basis they surely can’t earn the miles or points they need to enjoy those aspirational trips. And it’s true, I do earn a lot of miles from flying.  I’ll travel somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 miles this year.  If all those miles earn a 100% bonus (for being a top-tier elite on an airline) […]