Discounted Gift Cards On Amazon For Prime Day Today!

Amazon Prime Day is under way!  If you’re unfamiliar with Prime Day, it’s sorta like Christmas in July.  It’s an Amazon-created holiday where they discount thousands of items on their site.  Last year, the pricing was as good or better than many Black Friday deals. I have a master post with all the deals I’ve referenced for this year’s sale.  Check this page for all the current deals I’ve written about.  I’ll be updating it throughout Prime Day. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a […]

Andaz Tokyo Grand Opening, Earn A Free Airline Ticket To Vegas And Creepy Travel Stuff. Things I Find Interesting On Saturday, June 14th 2014

Don’t forget to help a fellow traveler win a brand new suitcase and get your own chance to win $50.  There are 3 nominees all within range of winning the suitcase and they need your vote!  Each time you vote and comment you get a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Catching up on a day away dealing with flooding in my backyard, here’s what I found interesting in the world of travel: The Andaz Tokyo has opened their doors and Tokyo Hyatt Fan on Milepoint has an […]

A New Way To Book Hotels? DealAngel

I was at an investors conference yesterday featuring presentations from a number of startups.  One of the presentations was DealAngel.  Now, I don’t think I’d invest in this company, especially because Orbitz and Priceline just reported large drops in revenue amid shrinking margins.  But I did see a few things about DealAngel that some readers might find useful. The premise of the site is to show you deals.  Simple, huh?  Well, not exactly, but not overly complicated.  It appears the model is built around establishing how good a deal any specific […]