GOOD DEAL: 10% Off Southwest Gift Cards And (Plus 5% On Certain Credit Cards)

I don’t generally spend a ton of time talking about discounted gift cards on my blog.  But, 10% off (15% if you have the right credit card) a popular airline’s gift cards is enough to get my creative juices flowing on a Sunday morning.

This morning, Doctor of Credit is reporting about a number of discounted gift cards on BJ’s Wholesale Club.  The $200 Southwest gift card for $179.99 is the one that caught my eye.  I saw this when my friend Jen, from Deals We Like, mentioned it this morning.  She’s a huge fan of Southwest and a frequent guest on my podcast, discussing all the best deals. $100 gift cards are also on sale at $89.99.  I feel like I’ve seen that offer more regularly, but it’s still not horrible.  The BJ’s website lists a limit of 3 of each card per order, and you’ll be required to have at least a $10 annual BJ’s online membership.

The Final Two Pennies

10% off gift cards through an online portal like this is a pretty good deal.  As Doctor of Credit notes, you can get 5% back if you charge this to your Chase Freedom or Discover It cards.  Especially for families who need to book multiple tickets for a family vacation, 10-15% off is a big deal.

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  1. My orders for the SW cards (ordered 2) are immediately being canceled. New membership, nothing wrong with billing info. Told billing info doesn’t match. Definitely matches – using my Chase Freedom.

    1. Marty, that stinks. I’ve heard BJ’s can be persnickety at times. And, other times I’ve heard they let people buy more than 3 cards in an order. Mine seems to have passed the sniff test.

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