Andaz Tokyo Grand Opening, Earn A Free Airline Ticket To Vegas And Creepy Travel Stuff. Things I Find Interesting On Saturday, June 14th 2014

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Catching up on a day away dealing with flooding in my backyard, here’s what I found interesting in the world of travel:

The Andaz Tokyo has opened their doors and Tokyo Hyatt Fan on Milepoint has an early review on the property.

If you’re an occasional to frequent Las Vegas visitor, check out this promo from IHG that will help pay for your return flight to Vegas when you stay at Palazzo or Venetian.

Magic of Miles has the scoop on a promo offering a $35 Amazon gift card when you book a hotel stay of $300 or more.

You’ve likely seen the announcement by United Airlines gutting their MileagePlus program.  See how your fellow travelers are reacting to the news and weigh in.

This is the creepiest thing I’ve seen an airline propose in a while.  Thanks to the Heels First Travel gals for giving me another reason to  hide under a rock when it comes to social media.

What’s going on in your travel world today?


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