Hilton Diamond

2022 Hotel Elite Status Recap And 2023 Goals

I recapped my airline status achievements for 2022 last week.  I finally got a free moment to talk about where I ended up in regards to hotel elite status last year.  The title of this post is only a little deceptive, in that at most I have one hotel status goal for 2023.  But, let’s take a look back at 2022 first.  You can also hear us discuss hotel elite status on a recent podcast episode. Hyatt Globalist Status This is probably the lowest night count I’ve had at Hyatt […]

The Two Credit Cards At The Top Of My Wallet Right Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a lot of challenges on people.  Way down the list of important items are the decisions we’re all making with the credit cards in our wallet.  Many of us have plenty of travel-related credit cards in our wallet.  I’ve got a podcast episode coming up later this week that goes through my entire wallet.  For now, though, I wanted to share my short-term credit card strategy. There are a ton of short-term opportunities to earn extra miles with credit cards right now.  Many cards have […]

Here Are The Decisions I Made About End Of Year Travel

I wanted to thank everyone who took time to weigh in on some decisions I was trying to make by the end of the year in relation to elite status. First, I had asked folks if I should make a very painful mileage run to ensure Executive Platinum status in the American Airlines AAdvantage program. The comments were overwhelmingly in favor of doing the mileage run to make sure I had all the miles I needed in 2014. The reason it was even an issue was because of a late […]