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Air Canada Is Opening A New Lounge That Is Amazing!

Food is generally an after-thought when I’m in an airport. There might be “better” choices in a terminal, but I rarely find must-have choices in airports. Air Canada blew my mind this week. I can only hope this becomes the new standard for food quality in airport lounges.

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Austrian Airlines Business Class Review, Vienna To Washington-Dulles

This was my first time flying Austrian Airlines but I hope it won’t be my last. I redeemed United Airlines MileagePlus miles for 4 business class seats for our family’s return trip from Europe.

The seats, service and meals all exceeded our expectations. I’ll cover all of these areas in detail along with plenty of pictures. I’m happy to answer any questions about Austrian Airlines’ business class product.

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You Won’t Even Recognize DFW Airport

The best fact about DFW Airport I can remember is that the land area of the airport is larger than Manhattan. It’s an incredibly large airport housing the largest US-based airline. And, it’s getting a much-needed facelift in its older terminals.