Avis Discounts And Chairman Status on Daily Getaways Today

Today’s Daily Getaway offers include a one-day Avis rental for $30 and Avis Chairman’s Club membership for $1004 (both prices include the 10% discount for paying with an American Express Card). In case you’re not familiar, Daily Getaways are daily deals sponsored by the US Travel Association.  Some are better than others, so you need to think about whether you can take full advantage of the offer before buying. For the more popular offers, they will sell out quickly, which means being around right when they go on sale each day […]

Hertz And Avis Have Solid Offers To Earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles On Car Rentals

Hertz and Avis both have offers that you should be taking advantage of (no pun intended) if you have car rentals coming up.  I’m a big Hertz fan, so we’ll start with their offer: Earn 4 miles per dollar on all Hertz rentals.  This offer is good until June 30, 2014.  I suspect that they’ll likely continue something similar past then since this was an offer most of last year.  You don’t have to use the link on the AA site, you can just plug in the CDP# 217692 and […]

Hertz Extends 6 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar For Rentals Through The End Of The Year

Hertz has been running an offer most of the year that earns 4 miles per dollar for all rentals in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe for all rentals up to 4 days long and 6 miles per dollar for all rentals longer than 4 days.  It was due to expire in August but it appears Hertz is extending it through the end of the year.   I happen to be a Hertz fan so this one sets up nicely for me.  AVIS also has a current offer of 2,000 […]

Up To 2,000 United Miles For Avis Rentals

Don’t forget to vote in my Briggs & Riley Torq Suitcase giveaway for your chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Points, Miles & Martinis has the scoop on a new United MileagePlus offer for Avis rentals. 500 bonus miles for rentals of 1-2 days 900 bonus miles for rentals of 3-4 days 2000 miles for rentals 5 days or longer Here’s a booking link.  You’ll need to use the promotion code MUAA039. The base earning rate for Avis rentals is 75 miles per day.  These numbers make this a strong […]

Sick Value Out Of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

For the miles and points junkie, it’s all about the deal.  With any deal, bigger is always better, right?  That’s our goal.  Find the biggest deals.  The game keeps changing which is what keeps it interesting.  I recently stumbled upon a wrinkle in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program that can provide such value.  I wrote about the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program in the middle of last year and found some good (though not great) value.  The play there was mostly about diversity but I did find some good […]

Renting A Car The Old-Fashioned Way Kinda Stinks (My Recent AVIS Rental at MIA)

I’ve been lucky enough to have Hertz Platinum status for the last few years and I definitely enjoy it more than just making a regular rental.  Other people I know swear by other rental companies, such as National’s Emerald Club.  Though I haven’t tried it, I don’t think it really compares.  AVIS has the Chairman’s Club which I’ve heard great things about and tried to purchase during an AMEX promo earlier this year. So, when AVIS and American Airlines recently announced their generous mileage offer, I decided to see what […]

AVIS or Budget For The Next Month

No sooner did I get done writing about the value of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards then View From The Wing writes about a great opportunity to get AAdvantage miles from AVIS and Budget rentals. The offer is only good until the end of August.  A 1-day rental yields 3000 miles.  Considering that those miles are worth about $60 (at a value of 2 cents a piece), this is one of the better deals I’ve seen in quite some time for car rentals. If you could find a cheap daily car […]