Hertz And Avis Have Solid Offers To Earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles On Car Rentals

Hertz and Avis both have offers that you should be taking advantage of (no pun intended) if you have car rentals coming up.  I’m a big Hertz fan, so we’ll start with their offer:

Earn 4 miles per dollar on all Hertz rentals.  This offer is good until June 30, 2014.  I suspect that they’ll likely continue something similar past then since this was an offer most of last year.  You don’t have to use the link on the AA site, you can just plug in the CDP# 217692 and PC# 169676 at Hertz.com.

For Avis, it’s a tiered offer (booking link):

Hertz And Avis


The Avis offer is only good for rental starting on or before March 31, 2014.

Let’s look at the math and decide which offer is better.

For rentals of 1 day, Hertz is the answer as you’ll get 4X on your base spend.

For rentals of 2 days, rentals of $93 a day or more should go to Hertz (at 4X).  Anything under that should go to Avis.

3 day rentals should go to Hertz if the daily base rental is $125 or more.  Under that you should choose Avis.

4 day rentals should go to Hertz if the base rental is $93 a day or more.  Under that you should choose Avis.

5 day rentals should almost certainly go to Avis, since you’d have to spend more than $150 a day on the base rental to make the Hertz offer more rewarding.

A 7 day rental should go to Hertz if the base rate is $107 or more per day, under that to Avis.

For those folks who collect Hertz Gold points, the 4X AAdvantage miles offer is almost always going to be a better value unless you’re really close to the number of Hertz points you need to qualify for an award you need.

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  1. Do Avis rentals have to be booked through that link to count, or can I just put in my AAdvantage number? I usually rent through USAA.

    1. ncsam, I don’t have a ton of experience booking coupon codes with Avis. But, my recollection is that as long as USAA lets you key in the coupon code you should be fine. Also, I stopped by the DEN Admirals Club and they didn’t have any 100K applications. Sorry. 🙁

      I have the ID number of an agent and the airport code if you’re able to call Citi with that. I think that may be the info you’re looking for.

  2. This car rental offer is great getting free points for what you travel is sound like getting free bonus. This will definitely attract the customers and they would love to be your permanent customer. I think this idea should be start by other car rental services also it will surely boost their business. I once took a rental car from Dublin airport http://www.dan-dooley.ie/car-rental-hire-dublin-airport.htm but that didn’t gave me free points though I loved their service.

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