Up To 2,000 United Miles For Avis Rentals

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Points, Miles & Martinis has the scoop on a new United MileagePlus offer for Avis rentals.

  • 500 bonus miles for rentals of 1-2 days
  • 900 bonus miles for rentals of 3-4 days
  • 2000 miles for rentals 5 days or longer

Here’s a booking link.  You’ll need to use the promotion code MUAA039.

The base earning rate for Avis rentals is 75 miles per day.  These numbers make this a strong deal for people renting inexpensive to moderate priced cars.

This compares favorably with the current best offer from Hertz that I detailed a couple months back. Hertz is offering 4x AAdvantage miles for rentals that are 4 days or less and 6X for rentals 5 days or more.

Hertz rentals generally earn 1 AAdvantage mile per dollar spent on base rental and some add-ones. So, a 4-day rental at $100 a day would earn a total of 1600 miles through the AAdvantage offer. Advantage Hertz offer.

But, if your car rental were $30 a day, you’d earn 120 miles per day with Hertz for a total of 480 AAdvantage miles on a 4-day rental. Compare that with the Avis offer and you’d earn 1200 MileagePlus miles (300 base miles and 900 bonus miles). Advantage Avis offer.

Lots of different permutations here. But, the bottom line is that whether you prefer Avis or Hertz, AAdvantage of United MileagePlus, there’s a great opportunity to maximize your earning on car rentals.

Sometimes these offers yield higher rates for your car rental, which can sometimes (though not often) be worth it.  But, I’ve been using the Hertz offer for a couple months and always find it to be the same price or within literally a couple of dollars of the pre-purchase rate. A test Avis rental with this new offer yielded the same thing. Don’t pass up these easy miles.

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