May The Best/Worst Suitcase Win! Let The Voting Begin!

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their suitcase for the Briggs & Riley Torq giveaway.  There were a ton of great entries and it was very hard to choose the finalists.  Here’s a quick breakdown on how I’m going to give away the suitcase (and don’t forget, your vote can also win you a $50 Amazon gift card):

  • The pictures of the finalist’s suitcases will be listed below with a brief description and a number.
  • The suitcase entry that gets the most votes between now and 11:59 pm EDT on Saturday, June 1st wins the Torq suitcase!
  • One vote per person, but you can encourage as many friends, family, random strangers to vote for your entry to put you over the top.

Now, for the $50 Amazon gift card.

All you have to do is cast a vote, then leave a comment in this thread about which one you voted for.  I’ll select one winner at random and award them $50 in Amazon cash.  Let the voting begin:

Entry #1:  Harlan’s slightly sad carry-on.

Best Worst



Entry #2:  Alice’s wheels just ran out of go power.

Best Worst Best Worst









Entry #3:  Ryan’s well-traveled, well-stickered suitcase. Gotta admit, the Milepoint tags gave him a bit of an edge here!

Best Worst



Entry #4:  Nancy’s dog claiming rights to her suitcase.  FWIW, pets on suitcases was by far the biggest theme of the entries.  Tons of cute cats and dogs.  Too many to choose from, I had to have Mrs. Pizza select the finalist.

Best Worst


Entry #5:  Mike’s wife hiding in his suitcase.  I couldn’t resist making this a finalist.

Old Suitcase



Entry #6:  Graham’s old leather suitcase.  Couldn’t resist throwing in one oldie in the bunch.

Best Worst



Entry #7:  Snoopy’s too cute not to be included.

Best Worst



So, there you have it.  7 finalists. Cast your vote to help your favorite win the Briggs & Riley Torq suitcase.  And, don’t forget to leave a comment on this post (not in the poll) for your chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. Voted for six only because the Snoopy one should travel with its owner forever because it must get a lot of smiles!!

  2. Is this the same Graham we all know and lo – tolerate? Isn’t it said that people start to resemble their luggage the more time they spend together?

  3. Voted for Ryan’s…..I would love to hear some stories of the adventures it has been through….you know, if suitcases could talk and all……

  4. I want to hear some of the stories from Graham’s grandfather ‘s suitcase — it’s got my vote

  5. I voted for Mike’s wife. That’s so cute! I don’t know of she’s trying to stowe away or is preventing Mike from packing so he can’t leave!

    1. Mark, good question. I hadn’t considered she might be trying to keep him home. Don’t tell my wife. She might resort to this strategy to keep me home.

  6. I voted for Mike’s wife because obviously Mike needs a suitcase – one for his stuff because the other is preoccupied with his wife!

  7. Most of these are cute in some way. Did anyone check if Mike’s wife was still breathing? Graham’s bag however was the class of the field. Old, worn, and tired, it still looked ready to do service if called upon. Where to Graham, Budapest?, Prague? That bag is too cool for a trip to Des Moines.

  8. I vote for Alice – the purple bag was the first of 2 bags that died a valiant death recently. She is always traveling and needs a great bag that can keep up with her.

  9. Ryan’s suitcase looks like it has more miles on it ;), so I voted for him. Alice’s wheels would get my 2nd vote for the effort it must have taken to drag that around!

  10. I am voting for Alice and maybe she can win and be powered up with new wheels for safe, happy, and adventurous travel.

    1. Daraius, it looks like a suitcase with a lot of history, but I agree. Probably should be retired.

  11. Mike’s wife must be a mail order bride… Is that how they send them nowadays? Must be saving a ton of money on shipping costs.

  12. I voted for Ryan’s well traveled suitcase. It has seen the world and that’s a great reason already!!

  13. That is loyalty and dedication for a wife to possibly fly baggage class instead of coach. She gets my vote, too, for best spouse and travel partner

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