LIVESTRONG Takes Another Hit Today. Time For Me To Step Up.

I make no secret of my support for LIVESTRONG, even despite the bad press over the past year surrounding Lance’s admission of doping.

Today was a tough day for LIVESTRONG as Nike publicized it’s decision to discontinue the LIVESTRONG line of gear they produce.  That’s been a significant chunk of LIVESTRONG’s revenue.  I’m not sure what happens now.  I’m happy to see Nike continuing to financially support LIVESTRONG, though I wonder how long that will continue in light of the recent news.  I’d like to think they’ll continue to support their commitment they laid out when they announced they would no longer support Lance, but I’m not sure.

I was fortunate enough to be on a conference call with LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman last week. He shared a story with the group about being on an airplane recently, wearing a LIVESTRONG shirt.  Another man got on the plane wearing a sweater with that same yellow logo and stopped to thank Doug for showing his support.  He had no idea he was talking to the CEO of LIVESTRONG at the time, just thanking a fellow supporter for making it easier to support as a group.

Tomorrow, we’re all going to wake up to more people being diagnosed with cancer.  Those people need to know there’s a path back to a normal life.  That there are other survivors out there.  That they can survive.

That’s what LIVESTRONG does.  It helps people survive in a number of different ways.  By helping people get a second opinion.  Or get fair treatment from an insurance company.  Or get assistance preserving their ability to have children later in life.  They succeed when we raise awareness so people can reach out and help others.

I’m stepping up and matching any donations made through our Milepoint portal for the next week as a result of this post.

I’m getting it started by donating $500 today to cover the first $500 people donate.

Another Hit



No pressure, but if you want to help raise awareness, make a donation.  Even $1 matters.  I hope you’ll join me.

It was easy to support LIVESTRONG when Lance was winning yellow jerseys and those yellow bracelets were ubiquitous.

It’s harder now.

Just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

BTW, if you’re looking for me in the morning, I’ll be the slightly out of shape guy in the LIVESTRONG shirt in the hotel gym.

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  1. My $500 looks like your $500. So consider this a match, both in the effort to pick a fight with cancer and money donated for the continued support of the victims of cancer.

    1. Randy, I was only looking for a dollar. But, I know LIVESTRONG will appreciate every penny. I appreciate being in the fight with you every day.

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