HURRY! $1500 Business Class Round-Trip Tickets To Australia!

It seems to be a great week for crazy fares in business and first class.  Just a few days ago we had $700 round-trip business class tickets from Asia to the US.  These were super useful for folks who know how to combine some miles with a great flight deal.  Alas, that fare died off quickly. Now, we have reports of a $1500 round-trip fare in business class to Australia!  According to Ben, availability is wide open. I found the fares pretty quickly on Air New Zealand, but I’ve heard […]

Cheap Caribbean Flights, How American Flight Attendants Union Resemble Congress, And An Airline Is Removing Seats?

Today’s Best of the Rest includes cheap flights to the Caribbean and Alaska, the tale of how the American Airlines flight attendants union chief became like Speaker of the House, why one airline is removing seats and more…..

News And Notes For Wednesday, November 7th

The first domestic US commercial flight of the 787 Dreamliner happened this week, and Mommy Points was along for the ride.  Other than her “Dreamy” pun it’s a solid read about a memorable day in air travel.  😀 I had a great experience on the inaugural 787 Dreamliner flight from BOS to NRT earlier this year, and I can tell you the plane absolutely is a joy to fly.  The pressurization makes a huge difference and it’s significantly quieter then every other plane in the world with the exception of […]

Amazon Can Now Help You Get To New Zealand

If you’re a mile junkie and have a wife/significant other like mine, you’re probably earning lots of Hawaiian miles from their purchases. Hawaiian continues to improve as a travel option, especially with their recent announcement of service to New Zealand. I haven’t been to Australia or New Zealand, and they’re both definitely on my list.  While there are better options for premium travel (business or first class), I’m always happy to see more redemption options. Note to Michelle when you read this:  This is NOT an excuse to spend more […]