HURRY! $1500 Business Class Round-Trip Tickets To Australia!

It seems to be a great week for crazy fares in business and first class.  Just a few days ago we had $700 round-trip business class tickets from Asia to the US.  These were super useful for folks who know how to combine some miles with a great flight deal.  Alas, that fare died off quickly.

Now, we have reports of a $1500 round-trip fare in business class to Australia!  According to Ben, availability is wide open.

I found the fares pretty quickly on Air New Zealand, but I’ve heard that United has the same fares as well.  This seems to be bookable more easily on some online travel agency websites versus others.  Kayak and Orbitz seem to be ticketing these fares, and I’ve seen folks successfully ticket these through Chicago and San Francisco so far.

I always stress that you shouldn’t look at any fare sale as “San Francisco to Sydney”.  Rather, it’s from the US To Australia and the surrounding area.  You can use miles or other cheap flights to build a great vacation.  It’s pretty easy to find a cheap flight to one of these US cities for positioning on something like this.  And, I don’t think it would be too difficult to tack on a trip to New Zealand while you’re “in the neighborhood”.  I can’t wait to get back to Sydney myself.  I was fortunate enough to grab 4 business class award tickets for a family trip in 2019.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

Cheap flights to Australia and New Zealand have generally been hard to come by.  That might change a bit with new service from Chicago.  Not sure if this the beginning of that effect?

These fares are low enough that the airline may have, ahem, remorse tomorrow or the next day.  I would wait a few days before booking other non-refundable travel in conjunction with these fares.  Cathay Pacific did the right thing and honored their recent mistake.

Since these flights originate in the US, you’ll have 24 hours after you book to cancel these flights and receive a full refund.  That means if you’re on the fence you should book something NOW and then cancel within 24 hours if you decide not to take the trip.  With prices this low, I wouldn’t expect them to be around forever!

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  1. Great price but I would suggest anyone contemplating booking this fare look at the seats that are being offered. Better than coach but really a strange layout.

    1. Patrick, some of these are available on United. I haven’t tried Air New Zealand’s 787 J product yet but I’ve heard good things. That being said, I’m not very particular when the seat lays down flat across an ocean. 😉

  2. Ed, thanks for posting. I’ve already booked a mix of United and Air New Zealand, 789s and 777s, for Aug, ORD-SYD. Used AMEX Travel. Air New Zealand does have the rear facing seats, which honestly are safer, but I didn’t pick them. United’s website already has us ticketed and seats selected, so we’ll see if this sticks. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’s a PR stunt.

  3. Thanks for your post. First time booked this error fare for September dates. Selected the seats also. Does Air NewZealand have to honor these fares?

    1. Mohan, they don’t need to honor them, no. Stay tuned for a day or two and you should have an answer. I suspect some bookings will survive and others will not. And, I don’t expect a lot of rhyme or reason to that.

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