Atlanta Airport

I Took My First Airplane Flight In 14 Months. Here’s What I Learned

When I think back to last March, flying home New Zealand with a brief pit stop for some work in Las Vegas definitely didn’t seem normal  When I was on the tarmac in Auckland waiting to take-off, the United States closed the borders to anyone arriving from Europe.  That seemed pretty serious at the time.  Still, I told my wife I was coming home and would probably be off the road for four or five weeks.  14 months later and fully vaccinated, I got back on the road last week […]

The Lights Are On At Atlanta Airport, But It’s Still A Mess. Here’s Some Helpful Info If You’re Traveling

The lights are on at Atlanta Airport, but things are bound to be a mess for days. We’ll know more in the coming days if things went as planned for a major power outage of this type.  Whether this was the expected outcome or not, I would expect this to be a major learning experience for Atlanta and many other major airports.

Cheap Flights To Japan, Free Gogo 10 Packs And ATL Wants To Kick Out The TSA

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