Southwest Has Suspended All Atlanta Operations Until Tomorrow. Atlanta Airport Still Closed.

Hartsfeld-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta remains closed due to a power outage.  Based on varying reports, the airport has been having power issues for roughly 5 hours.  When I reported on this a couple of hours ago it wasn’t clear how long the outage would last.

There are reports from passengers having issues as early as 11:30am today.  Southwest is reporting on their Twitter feed that they have cancelled all operations at Atlanta airport for the rest of the day:

Hundreds Of Flights Canceled

Ben Mutzabaugh at the USA Today is reporting over 600 flights cancelled so far:

In the height of the holiday travel season, canceling hundreds of flights is going to take a long time to recoup from.  I would expect most flights to be pretty darn full this week.  Good luck to everyone traveling this week.

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