Happening Now: Atlanta Airport Loses Power, Grounds All Flights

a tower on a runway

I can’t say I remember the last time an entire airport lost power, let alone one as big at Atlanta Hartsfeld-Jackson airport.  We’ve seen airlines have power outages in their computer systems.  But, an airport losing power?

But, that’s what appears to have happened:

The Gate reported on this a short while ago, citing tweets that show passengers may have been trapped on planes for the last hour or two.

There are lots of status updates out there that don’t really say a whole heck of a lot.  I have to imagine that the airport staff are going to need to break out some portable stairs soon to get passengers off of these planes.

If you have a flight today make sure to double-check your status, especially if you’re flying on Delta.  With an FAA ground-stop, that also means planes are being held at departure airports around the country for flights bound to Atlanta.  Even if you’re not going to Atlanta, your plane could be passing through on it’s way to you.  This is likely to have a pretty big ripple effect.

How does an airport lose power?

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