American Airlines AAdvantage

Miles And Points Are Just Like Dollars

The miles and points game isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re going to collect miles and points it behooves you to understand what they’re worth. Spending on a cash-back credit card has a clear return. It’s defined in the terms of the card agreement. But, miles and points, whether they’re earned from flying, staying in hotels or credit card spend have a variable value. Just like you’d ask how much cash back you get, you should ask how much you can get for miles and points you’re earning. Here are some examples.

AAdvantage 200,000 Mile Sweepstakes

An easy sweepstakes kicked off today on the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal. The full T&C actually says you can earn 10 entries for receiving e-mails, essentially 2 extra entries for saying yes to their mailing list (or not “no”, oddly) 5 separate times. ¬†You know a lawyer got paid well to write this: Opt-In to receive AAdvantage eShoppingsm Marketing Communications: After you register, you may be asked to sign-up to receive email marketing communications. If you agree to receive these communications and/or if you do not “unsubscribe” from email […]

The Votes Have Been Tallied In the Domestic Upgrade Showdown. The Winner Of The Amazon Gift Card Is…..

I really appreciated Jeanne from Heels First Travel helping me out with the domestic upgrade showdown. ¬†She made a valiant argument here, and even tried to leverage politics and claim I wasn’t democratic, but when the final votes were counted‚Ķ.   Yup, it was a smack down. ¬†Unfortunately, our opinion doesn’t dictate what the final solution adopted by American Airlines will be. ¬†Boy, wouldn’t that be great if we could vote on it? At any rate, we’ve got two gift cards to award and Jeanne already did her job. ¬†Now […]

Why I Love US Airways’ Upgrade Procedure

Let’s just get one thing clear. ¬†I don’t love the US Airways domestic upgrade procedure. ¬†Not even close. ¬†But, as part of my domestic upgrade showdown between American Airlines and US Airways, I invited Jeanne of Heels First Travel to spell out why she thinks the US Airways upgrade procedure is the winner. ¬†She came up with the title. ¬†Poor girl has a convoluted definition of love. As part of the showdown, we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to one Heels First Travel reader who comments on their […]

Diversify Your Points And Your Planning For A Winning Vacation Strategy

Diversification is important for many facets of our lives. In travel, having different types of miles and points available is key. WIth the increased availability of one-way award flights over the last five years, mixing and matching is the best way to make your dream trip happen. Here’s a quick look at some examples of a diversified vacation.