Hyatt’s New Partnership With American Airlines Is Live! Activate Now

Hyatt and American Airlines have launched their new partnership that provides for additional earning and status match opportunities for members of both loyalty programs.

You’ll need to link your accounts, which is easy to do on the Hyatt website.  It took me all of 30 seconds to register.

Here’s why I love this partnership.  So many true “double dip” opportunities have gone away.  Marriott and United have a partnership (basic details, I need to update my post on it) but it doesn’t provide for the same sort of extra points earning.  And, I don’t value either of the United or Marriott statuses quite as highly as the AA or Hyatt status offered here as part of the match (though that may be a matter of personal preference).

As a refresher, here’s what you can earn from the partnership:


  • In addition to World of Hyatt points earned through Hyatt hotel stays, AAdvantage Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum and ConciergeKey members will be able to earn one AAdvantage bonus mile for every eligible dollar spent at qualifying Hyatt properties.
  • On top of earning more miles, American’s invitation-only ConciergeKey members will receive World of Hyatt Globalist status as a new way to extend the care provided throughout the entire travel journey.


World of Hyatt 

  • In addition to AAdvantage miles earned by flying on American, World of Hyatt Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist members will be able to earn one World of Hyatt bonus point for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying American flights.

I ran some math on how many extra miles and points travelers might earn under the new program when I reported on it recently.  In essence, these are free miles and points we weren’t earning before.  The ability to earn a status match if you need one is also pretty nifty for most folks.  Alas, I already have high enough status in both programs that I won’t see any joy there. But, others are reporting some achievable status match opportunities.

The Final Two Pennies

I’m eager to start earning extra points and miles on my American Airlines flights and Hyatt stays.  American Airlines isn’t my primary airline right now, but the extra Hyatt points may be enough for me to choose them amongst similar connecting opportunities.  Earning free AAdvantage miles for all of my Hyatt stays is pretty darn cool for me as well.

For folks who don’t have World of Hyatt elite status right now, getting a status match and/or challenge is valuable.  This is especially true as you consider the teething issues Marriott members continue to experience with the new Bonvoy program.  I’ve seen status match offers to AAdvantage Platinum status and challenge offers all the way to top-tier Executive Platinum.  These can be really good opportunities to try a new airline or hotel without having to start at the bottom, something frequent travelers are loath to do.

Plenty of good stuff all around on this new partnership!

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