The Votes Have Been Tallied In the Domestic Upgrade Showdown. The Winner Of The Amazon Gift Card Is…..

I really appreciated Jeanne from Heels First Travel helping me out with the domestic upgrade showdown.  She made a valiant argument here, and even tried to leverage politics and claim I wasn’t democratic, but when the final votes were counted….

the Domestic Upgrade


Yup, it was a smack down.  Unfortunately, our opinion doesn’t dictate what the final solution adopted by American Airlines will be.  Boy, wouldn’t that be great if we could vote on it?

At any rate, we’ve got two gift cards to award and Jeanne already did her job.  Now it’s time to do mine. thought about it for a nanosecond and selected SJ as the winner:

the Domestic Upgrade


SJ’s our lucky winner, but his comments are also spot on.  You’ve got a better chance to get an upgrade on American.  And, SJ has $50 in Amazon cash.

Thanks to everyone who played along.

Jeanne is up for having another fight friendly debate with me.

What should our next showdown be?


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