Admirals Club

A Winner, And Another Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway for two AAdmirals Club passes last week.  The winner from that first giveaway was Madeleine, who said: We have never had an Admiral Club pass and are flying through Arizona on a US Air flight. I believe it would work there. Congrats, Madeleine!  Drop me an e-mail at ed -at- milepoint dot com to collect your passes. Just in time for another giveaway (or two of them)!  One of my readers, CK, saw the earlier giveaway thread and wanted to join in the […]

My Gift From Citi Executive AAdvantage Card Is Your Gift

I just got back from yet another work trip and was going through the mail late last night when I came across a piece of mail from Citibank showing a picture of my Citi/Executive Card.  I wasn’t expecting a gift, as the picture stated.  And, given that I get lots of mail like this, I wasn’t expecting anything decent.  I was wrong, and because of that I’ve got another quick giveaway. I already have an Admirals Club membership as part of the annual fee from the Citi/Executive card, so that […]

My Favorite Airport Club In The United States

For those of you who follow multiple travel blogs, I bet you think this is a post about one of the new American Express lounges? Nope.  But, you can find plenty of reviews of those at View From The Wing, here, here and here.  And, he’s not wrong when he says they’re great lounges.  If you’re looking for reviews on what most folks will find the best, that’s where to look. I’m a different sort of bird.  For my business travel, I generally don’t drink alcohol.  I’m usually flying to […]

75,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus For American Airlines’ Citi Executive Card

The blogsphere is abuzz the last 48 hours with a report from The Points Guy about a 75,000 miles sign-up bonus for the American Airlines’ Citi Executive Card. Here’s the application link for the offer.  It’s very common for Citibank offers not to show the details of the offer when you click on the application link.  You can call Citi after your approval to verify you got the offer.  They’re pretty good at honoring what you applied for. There are a couple reasons why this offer isn’t a slam dunk. […]

Try Out Your New Reciprocal Benefits On The New American Airlines

Monday marked the official start of the integration process between American and US Airways, and that means limited access to benefits for both sets of elite members going forward.  I think it’s important to note that we are very early in the integration process. Earn and Redeem Miles On Both Carriers You can now earn AAdvantage miles for your US Airways flights.  And, you can redeem your AAdvantage miles for travel on US Airways and vice versa.  They’ve said this can be done on their websites, but I’m certainly skeptical of the […]

American Airlines Selling Admirals Club Day Passes For A Discount-Two Days Only

Since I just finished giving away a free Admirals Club pass, I figured this might have specific relevance for those who didn’t win.  American Airlines is running a 2-day sale on Admirals Club Day Passes, dropping the price from $50 to $35.   I don’t generally consider lounge passes at $50 a good value because they don’t cover the entire family.  They do cover up to 3 kids with each adult.  If you have more than 3 kids traveling with you, good luck!  That’s a tough one.  So, a family […]

Free American Airlines Admirals Club Day Pass

Thanks to my Dad (Poppa Pizza!) I’m giving away a one-day pass to the Admirals Club today. The pass expires December 31, 2013 so if you can’t use it by then please don’t enter.  Pretty simple giveaway.  Leave a comment on this thread of a trip you have planned or one you’re dreaming of.  I’ll select one winner tomorrow morning.  Good luck!   Related articles Claiming My First Elite Reward From American Airlines AAdvantage This Year A Solid New Promotion for AAdvantage Members With a Business Extra Account 81 Hours […]

American Airlines Re-Introduces Elite Rewards EVERYONE Will Appreciate

Every year for as many years as I can easily recall American Airlines announces Elite Rewards, a program where members earn extra benefits by achieving a milestone higher than their status level.  It’s always been a kind of “pick me up” or “thanks” for getting partly to the next status level. Unfortunately for me, these rewards been largely useless/unattainable.  As you may know, American has a system where you earn both Elite Qualifying Miles(EQMs) and Points (EQPs) for every flight you credit to your AAdvantage account.  I’ve qualified for Executive Platinum […]