American Airlines Selling Admirals Club Day Passes For A Discount-Two Days Only

Since I just finished giving away a free Admirals Club pass, I figured this might have specific relevance for those who didn’t win.  American Airlines is running a 2-day sale on Admirals Club Day Passes, dropping the price from $50 to $35.

 Admirals Club


I don’t generally consider lounge passes at $50 a good value because they don’t cover the entire family.  They do cover up to 3 kids with each adult.  If you have more than 3 kids traveling with you, good luck!  That’s a tough one.  So, a family of 4 would technically need 2 passes, one for each adult.

This isn’t earth shattering news but might be a good fir for some.  At $35 I think it’s closer to a good deal for specific situation, such as if I was traveling with my family on the way back from my recent Europe trip and didn’t otherwise have access to a club.  $70 for a 5-hour layover would have been a good deal when you consider what the terminal actually looks like.

Admirals Club


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