Hyatt Offering Up To A 25% Discount On Award Stays And Free Parking Until October

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This may be the turning point where we start to see really meaningful offers from travel companies looking to motivate us to start traveling.  Early on in the COVID-19 crisis the scramble was to confirm to customers that their elite status would be extended.  Brands like Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, American, Delta and United made announcements to put customers at ease.  There were also some early offers of shortcuts to higher status levels to try to spur customers to travel more.  Marriott even introduced a pretty lucrative discount on gift cards to try to raise some cash.

After that, we saw some hotel promotions.  Marriott’s was just okay.  Hyatt’s was the sort that would definitely attract my business if I was traveling.  But, I’m not really traveling right now.  Air Canada introduced 50% off certain award flights, which almost certainly encouraged some folks to book a trip.  Marriott did offer a brief discount on award rooms, but it was pretty short-term.  Now, Hyatt is making a much bigger move to try to spur travel.

Hyatt Offering Up to 25% Discount On Award Stays

Hyatt has offered award redemption rebates pretty much every summer for a number of years now.  Last year, it was a 10% rebate.  I’ve said in the past that it’s one of my favorite promotions.  As long as you held a Hyatt credit card, you could get 10% back on virtually all points redemptions.  What was so key about this promotion is that it occurred during the summer, a busy travel time for families.  Hyatt was making it easy for me to save points at a time when I was most likely to redeem.  That’s a solid win.

Now, they’re offering up to 25% back on award redemptions, and it runs all the way to October 8th:

Starting Wednesday, July 8, 2020, all World of Hyatt members have the opportunity to receive 15% of their redeemed points back as Bonus Points when they redeem points for free night stays and more through October 8, 2020. Plus, World of Hyatt and Hyatt Credit Cardmembers can receive an additional 10% of their redeemed points back as Bonus Points, for a total of 25% of redeemed points back when used during the promotion period. 


Here’s how it works: 

  1. Members and Cardmembers must register for the exclusive offer by September 1, 2020. 

  2. Members and Cardmembers can redeem their points across 1,000+ locations for free night awards, Points + Cash stays, towards room upgrades, dining and spa services, and Exhale classes and spa therapies completed between July 8 and October 8, 2020. 

  3. Members and Cardmembers will get up to 25% of their redeemed points back as Bonus Points automatically deposited into their World of Hyatt account 6-8 weeks after they are used.


Make sure you register right away.  There’s no sense missing out on free points if your plans change later and you need to redeem points for a Hyatt stay.

Free Parking

No, not the Monopoly edition.  This may not be as good as passing go and collecting $200, but Hyatt is also extending free parking to all free night stays as well.  This is a great benefit that Globalist members already receive.  At resort properties this can save a ton of cash.  The free parking promotion will run through October 8, 2020 as well.

Triple Points On Hyatt Dining When You Don’t Stay

The last promotion Hyatt announced today involves triple points on all dining at hotels when you’re not staying. This is for dine-in, takeout or delivery, if offered.  This one is probably only truly useful for people living in metropolitan areas where you might find more full-service Hyatt hotels.

The Final Two Pennies

This is absolutely the best hotel promotion I can think of in quite some time.  A 10% rebate was really nice.  A 15% rebate is even better.  A 25% rebate on all award bookings is a huge opportunity to get awesome value for your World of Hyatt points.  And, since you can use this for things like dining and spa services, you can really make a vacation truly free right now without breaking your points bank.  I sincerely hope we see a better hotel promotion than this during the summer, but I doubt it.

That leaves only one question.  Will this promotion make you travel, if you were otherwise hesitant?  My answer is probably no, but October seems like a decade away from now.  Our daughter deals with anxiety, so we’ve been focusing on RVs instead of hotels for right now as a way to get her on the road a bit.  We did an amusement park trip last week and, in her own words, it wasn’t horrible.  I’m not sure she’s ready for a hotel, but I think another trip or two that goes well might tip her in that favor.

If I do travel, I’ll definitely be burning Hyatt points for my hotel stays.  There’s no question this is a fabulous deal.

Does this Hyatt promotion make you more likely to book an award stay this summer?

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