United Airlines Reduces Elite Qualification Requirements. Will American and Delta Follow?

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Things moved quickly in the loyalty world yesterday.  Amidst the craziness of the COVID-19 crisis, Delta Air Lines was the first of the Big 3 airlines to announce an extension of elite benefits.  The Delta announcement was thorough, detailing elite status extensions, membership extensions for things like Sky Club access amongst other items.  United reached out to me later in the afternoon to give me an overview of what they were planning.  Their announcement was similar to Delta on elite status and subscriptions.  However, they didn’t immediately disclose how much easier they would make it to earn elite status.  They’ve done so now.  It’s pretty generous.  Let’s dig in.

United Airlines Reduces Elite Qualification Requirements by 50%

United Airlines announced that it was dropping the elite qualification for each elite level by 50%.  It’s worth keeping in mind that United raised qualifications for elite status late in 2019.  These levels were already much higher than previous years.  Here’s what the new chart looks like:

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These numbers are considerably lower than they were in 2018.  Without checking the math, I think you’d have to go back 3 or 4 years to see levels this low.  For some folks, this drop in elite qualification requirements won’t matter.  Business travelers will get on the road if and when their company allows/tell them to do so.  At that point, we’ll probably be far enough along in the year that a bump in status will be out of reach for many folks, especially given cheaper ticket prices on reduced demand.  Still, it’s a great opportunity for those pressed back into paid travel in 2020.

United also alluded to changes beyond 2020 in qualification requirements.  That will be an interesting one to see.  I anticipate travel to grow once the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has passed.  However, I view the recovery here as more gradual than during 9/11 or the Great Recession.  Lowered requirements probably makes sense for both the airline and their customers.

United Airlines Increasing The Ability To Earn Status From Credit Card Spend

United announced that they would double the amount of PQPs a customer could earn from spending on the United Explorer card through the end of 2020 and quadrupling the amount that could be earned from spending on the United Club credit card.  More details are coming on this, but I view this as an incredibly smart move on United’s part (as well as Chase, their credit card partner).  Customers largely can’t fly right now.  With uncertainty around their job, maybe their thinking about trimming expenses by getting rid of a credit card or two.  By making it easier to earn elite status through credit card spending, United and Chase are giving folks a really good reason to keep those cards in their wallet.  There’s no question that the depth of the relationship between United and Chase requires them to work together in this crisis.  Customers cancelling cards is bad for both of them.

Will American And Delta Follow Suit?

Though I may have listed those two airlines alphabetically, I’m going to take Delta first.  They’ve made their announcement, and I don’t see them adding to it anytime soon.  They do have rollover MQMs (their version of elite-qualifying miles), which will help make it easier for some folks to qualify next year.  Delta may announce something later in the year, but I don’t think they’re under pressure to do so right now.  While some folks might be showing concern about elite status, there’s not much they can do right now.  Most of us aren’t actually booking travel.

Some smart folks are wondering whether now is the best time to make announcements like this.  It’s hard to argue against that logic.  There are so many other areas to focus on at the moment.  That may be why we haven’t heard from American Airlines.  Not only is there all the personal reasons why folks are focused elsewhere, American is busy trying to save their business, like every other airline.  American may be closer to the edge than some others right now.

The Final Two Pennies

All good announcements from United Airlines over the past 24 hours.  Some of their earlier actions regarding refunds have cast the airline as misunderstanding the current level of panic by their customers.  These most recent moves are geared more towards giving customers comfort.  Airlines, along with thousands of other businesses, are fighting for their existence.  Maintaining that balance between customers and shareholders can be tricky at the best of times. One has to wonder what customers will remember most from this time.  Will it be the fact that the airline broke a promise on a refund the customer was entitled to?  Or, will it be the generosity on extending status.  I’m guessing it largely depends on how the current crisis plays out. I wouldn’t rule out that it’s neither, and customers find a whole new normal.

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  1. Hi Ed! Hope all is well, so seen this story reported several times but always missing answers to the two questions i ask as a current 1K, maybe you can give some guidance:

    1.) Does credit card spend still not apply to 1K
    2.) I have 340 Plus Points, and based on Q1 Travel and planned Q4 travel would easily hit the new lowere 1k requirements, does that mean i would have my current plus points expiration extended and also receive another 320 for the next program year? So at some point would have 660 plus points if i redeemed none prior to hitting 1k at reduced levels this year?

    1. phildade,

      Here’s what I know right now:

      1. Unclear on 1K. United has said they plan to announce more information soon regarding the increased ability to earn elite status with credit card spending.

      2. Your understanding is correct based on how it’s been explained to me. Reduced qualifications for 1K status still come with all the benefits of 1K status.

  2. I’m confused my the terminology. So if i get $10K PQP this year (2020) will my status in 2020 get to 1k and then carry over to 2021 as 1k? Or will my status in 2020 be the ‘old’ chart, then 2021 it will be 1k?

    1. Mayday,

      First and foremost, if you have 1K status now, it’ll carry over until the end of January, 2022. If you’re not 1K, you would only need to meet the reduced requirements ($9K in PQPs) to achieve 1K in 2020. If you achieve 1K in 2020, that status would expire in January, 2022.

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