Hyatt Offering Triple Points On All Stays And A “Welcome Back” Mini-Bonus

Hyatt has announced two promotions that members will be glad to hear about.  Amidst the craziness of the COVID-19 crisis, travel brands across the world are struggling mightily.  We had expected to see generous promotions as travel slowly started to return.  How generous was the key question.  Judge for yourself.

Hyatt Offering Triple Points On All Paid Stays

Hyatt will be offering triple points on all eligible paid stays from June 15th through September 15, 2020 after your first stay.  They’re offering this at all properties that are part of the Hyatt system.  And, this extends to stays at MGM resorts, Small Luxury Hotels of the World and Lindblad Expeditions as long as those stays are booked through Hyatt channels.

All elite members will also earn a small “welcome back” bonus of 2,500 points on their first stay during the promotion period.  This is eligible on award stays as well.

There’s one registration link for non-elite members. (updated, original link was incorrect)

Then, there’s a separate registration link for elite members.

New Discount Offers For World of Hyatt Credit Cardmembers

Hyatt’s co-branded credit cards are issued by Chase, who has started targeting certain cardmembers for special offers.  I had seen a note about these a couple of days ago, and now Hyatt has confirmed these offers.  I did check with Hyatt and confirmed these offers are only for folks who hold the World of Hyatt credit card, not the original card.  Going forward, hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky folks targeted.

Park Hyatt Vienna

The Final Two Pennies

Triple points is the best Hyatt promotion we’ve seen in quite some time.  They did offer triple points on Hyatt Place stays last year, but all other brands earned less.  I’d argue it’s the best hotel promotion we’ve seen in quite some time as well.  The inclusion of MGM and Small Luxury Hotels of the World makes it especially generous (they have offered 3X in Vegas before).  It’s certainly my favorite of the bunch right now.  Hilton extended their promotion from earlier in the year that earns 2,000 bonus points per stay and 10,000 bonus points every 10 nights.  I would definitely pick triple Hyatt points over that.  Marriott’s promotion ends next week, so we’ll have to see if they put another offer in the market.

I do really wish they would get out of the habit of making us wait until the second stay for bonus points.  Elite members don’t really need to prove their loyalty.

Summer is usually a bit of a sleepy time for hotel promotions, but I suspect this year will be different.  Hyatt’s summer promotion the past few years had been one of my favorites.  It rewarded folks who held onto the Hyatt credit cards.  Now, triple points rewards everyone.

The biggest question now is whether you’re traveling this summer?

Apologies again for things being quiet around here.  My wife had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago.  Anyone who’s a mom or is married to one understands how busy a job that is.  I’ve been mostly mom (and a pretty pathetic stand-in), nurse maid for my wife and trying to corral my day job during the pandemic.  I’ve been jotting down some thoughts on why I’m not traveling and hope to write something else to share this week.  Thanks for being here.

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    1. Kay, only bookings made through Hyatt. That can complicate things at times, since they don’t generally have all the rates the casinos do. You may have luck adding your Hyatt # at check-in, but that’s a rarity from what I’ve heard.

  1. I took an overnight stay recently thinking I’d help out a little, it’s a shame it wasn’t bonused then but it will be as more people venture out

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