Incredibly CHEAP Flights to Europe: Under $200 Round-Trip!

I’m traveling today so I’m in a later timezone than normal.  I was working out this morning and somehow missed that Norwegian has fares for under $200 round-trip to Europe!  As Gary notes, Airfare Spot has details on a fare just over $200 that you can likely get for a bit lower.

Norwegian might scare some folks as a low-cost carrier with a bunch of fees.  But, I’ve flown them and the in-flight product was more than fine.  In fact, the interior of the plane I flew on for 5 hours was nicer than quite a few United and American planes I’ve flown in the past 5 years.

Sure, you’ll have to be careful on how you pack your bag to avoid fees.  But, Stockholm is a wonderful city, and a great jumping off point to the rest of Europe.

Cheap Flights To Europe

I visited last year and had an enjoyable stay at the Sheraton Stockholm.  It’s a beautiful city to walk, even in the winter.  There are distinctive neighborhoods and plenty of historical sites to visit.

Cheap Flights To Europe

I wouldn’t sleep on a $200 fare to Europe if you’re thinking about it.  Remember you have 24 hours to cancel for free if you book one of these.  And, remember how easy it is to get around Europe cheaply if you don’t want Stockholm to be your final destination.

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  1. I just took a look at their website. Even for this experienced flyer, there was a lot of information to absorb. Too much!

  2. Meh, Norway is SUPER expensive. The “savings” you see on the ticket will quickly be erased the first day. Besides, travel is free, so why get excited about a $200 airfare. Use FlexPerks and jump on a $375 airfare to somewhere cheaper in Europe. It’ll be $0 to get there.

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