I’m Feeling A Little Down This Morning

I’m up early this morning while I’m traveling.  I’m usually up early to get a head start on the day, including the tsunami of e-mail.  Today is a bit different, though.  I almost stayed home from this work trip, but it has a lot of moving pieces that all really need to move forward.  This isn’t a “tips and tricks” post.  My apologies if that’s what you’re looking for.  I’ve got plenty of that around here somewhere…..

I usually don’t travel much in December, preferring to block that time for my family.  This year is a bit different with a few trips I needed to get done.  But, that’s not really the reason I’m a bit on the sad side.  And, this isn’t mission critical, life-altering sorts of things.  It’s just one of those times I wish I was home for one of my kids.

Catherine needs to have a tooth pulled this morning.  She’s had her fair share of dental issues.  The dentist thought it could save the tooth earlier this year, but that doesn’t seem to be the ultimate outcome.  She’s had this done once before, so she’s not scared.  I asked my wife, Michelle, a few times before I left, “Should I be staying home?”  “Would a father who had a regular office job he drove to take the day off from work to head to the dentist with his daughter?”

The answer wasn’t a resounding “no” from Michelle, but she definitely felt Cat could handle it.  I brought it up to Cat and she confirmed the same.  She wasn’t overly worried, she’d done it before.  But, when she was going to sleep Sunday night before I left, she said, “I wish you could be here for my dentist appointment.  I understand why you can’t”.

Ugh.  Stay?  Go?  I struggle with these decisions.  I have no idea where other business travelers stand on something like this.  For me, I always find myself saying, “I didn’t get married and have kids to leave them at home.”

I Can’t Wait To Get Home

I’ll be on FaceTime in the dentist office this morning in case Cat needs a little extra coaxing to get started.  And, I’m pretty sure my daughter won’t have any emotional scars from me not being there.  But, it’s another reason I really can’t wait to be home (as if I really needed another).

I was speaking with a friend of mine named John yesterday, catching up about family.  He said something that struck a chord.  Business travelers are generally well-equipped to provide financially for their families. It’s the time that they can’t get back while they’re gone.  He’s absolutely right.

Plenty of folks have it worse than me.  I’m thankful for the health of my kids, and for the great job my wife does being a single mom when I’m gone.  But, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happier at home right now.

Here’s to not scarring my kids and getting home soon!

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  1. Yea, good luck. I’ve been leaving Sunday and flying home Saturdays-so I can empathize. But I try to get a vacation with the family every month. This month two weeks in Cancun.

  2. Also I’m thankful I don’t have any significant email load or phone call pressure. That is tough load especially combined with business travel.

  3. Sorry to hear about Cat’s tooth, and her last-minute plea that made your heart sink. She knows you care which is huge, and she’ll be brave today. Here’s hoping all will go well and that your flights on the way home will be on time!

    1. Thanks, Melinda! She was a trooper even at the tough parts. I was on the phone the whole time listening, which was a bit weird. But, happy she got through it, and appreciate you weighing in. Parenting decisions are tough for me, they come more naturally to Michelle.

  4. Glad to hear it all went well. I completely understand the feeling, as I head home today after 11 days away, I really can’t wait to be there. Even though it was proceeded by a couple quiet months, it doesn’t make the time away any easier.

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