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WOW! An Easy Giveaway For $800 Worth Of My Favorite Luggage

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I had a ton of fun hanging out with the guys at eBags today.  I knew we were going to do some fun stuff, but I had no idea we were giving away $800 in luggage!  It’s super easy for you guys to enter.

There’s a video on the eBags Facebook page from my hangout with Marissa and her team today.

All you have to do is leave a comment on their Facebook post and tag a friend.  No heavy lifting.  It’s not like you need to go renew your passport or something.  Just leave a comment.

They’re picking a winner in a few days, so don’t wait.  It’ll take you a few minutes.

Briggs & Riley is my favorite brand of luggage, and eBags stands behind everything they sell.  So, this was an easy effort for me to help out with.

I’ve got some blog maintenance that will lock down the comments here, but I plan to do something fun over the weekend if things are back to normal.

And, hey, if you’ve got an extra 5 minutes, watch the Facebook video.  I don’t think I made too much of an ass out of myself.


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    1. When you post pictures of people on a social media site (like Facebook), you can select people and indicate their names. When you hover your cursor over the people in the picture, their names will pop up. This is what they mean by tagging a friend.

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