Cheap Flights to Las Vegas And Alaska, Cheaper JetBlue Award Flights And The DOT Making Flying Harder While Fixing….

Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: 

$235 to Las Vegas from the east coast is a solid fare.  I’ve seen this as low as $200, though not often.  $260 to LAX is very good as well.  We don’t see many $300 fares anymore, let alone the old standard of $200.  It’s either a smattering of sub-$300 fares to LAX or $400, so jump on this if it works for you.

Southwest is running their $49 fare sale again.

Oh, and $300 tickets to Alaska.

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Southwest’s pilots vote to fire the CEO.  If only the real world worked that way.

JetBlue is offering a 25% discount on all award tickets if purchased by tomorrow, August 4, 2016.  Mommy Points notes that means flights to Cuba right now for as cheap as 2600 points one-way.  JetBlue is essentially a revenue-based program, so the amount of award points will vary greatly based on the flights you select.  I’m a fan of JetBlue’s new credit cards they released, especially for folks who live in areas where there are a concentration of JetBlue flights (New York, Fort Lauderdale and Long Beach).

And, while we’re on the subject of JetBlue and Long Beach, Wandering Aramean notes the recent announcement where JetBlue is adding nine new flights a day at Long Beach, including re-establishing service to San Jose.  Las Vegas also gets three new flights a day along with San Francisco and Salt Lake City.  While they don’t have a ton of destinations on the west coast from Long Beach, adding these frequencies to existing routes (and 4X daily to San Jose) means they serve those cities with purpose.

Club Carlson has announced a new fall promotion that offers up to triple points to members.  As Lucky notes, you’ll need to check-in on a Friday or Saturday to max out this promotion.

How the DOT made it harder and more expensive to fly connecting flights, even though they were trying to help.

A pretty cool video about how Amazon manages to move all of our packages around their warehouses.

If you’re heading to the Olympics, don’t go in the water.  Unfortunately, a bunch of the athletes won’t get that choice.

If you don’t have access to using your phone as a hotspot, here’s a device that might help with affordable wifi that you don’t have to hunt for.

Southwest’s shopping portal joins the back-to-school push with bonus points.  If you’re shopping this month, you should definitely be taking advantage of one of these promos.

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