Limited Time 20% Bonus on American Airlines Transfers From Starwood Preferred Guest

One of the reasons that I consider Starwood Preferred Guest’s loyalty currency, Starpoints, the most valuable is because of their very generous transfer bonus.  I’ve taken advantage of it many times over the years, mostly to boost the balance in my AAdvantage account back when I wasn’t traveling for a living.

Their points transfer at a very generous 1:1 ratio to many airlines (including American), which is unparalleled amongst hotel loyalty programs. But, SPG goes even further than that, including a 5,000 point bonus on transfer of 20,000 points.  That means 20,000 Starpoints becomes 25,000 AAdvantage miles when transferring to American Airlines.  For a limited time, it’s even better than that.

Through September 14, 2016, transfers from SPG to AAdvantage will earn a 20% bonus.  That means that typical 20,000 point transfer now earns 30,000 AAdvantage miles.  They even outline that specific example on the American Airlines website right now so we’re sure the new bonus is after SPG adds their bonus:

American Airlines Transfers From Starwood Preferred Guest

Doctor of Credit had the scoop this morning.  He and I differ on the value of this promotion a bit. At essentially a 50% bonus (30,000 miles for 20,000 Starpoints) I’d consider increasing my AAdvantage balance, but I’ve been in “earn & burn” mode with Starpoints since the merger with Marriott was confirmed.

If you don’t travel for a living or generate a ton of points from credit card spending, you should always consider bonuses like these when they come up.  It doesn’t mean you should definitely transfer, since you can’t transfer them back for anywhere near the same value in most cases.  But, if you’re playing the game and trying to get the most out of limited spending, transfer bonuses like these can represent a great way to accelerate your earning to your next vacation.

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