Cheap Flights To Europe, 2,500 Free Starpoints, A Big Gadget Giveaway And Marriott Pokemon Craziness

Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: 

All the cheap flights to Europe are gone.  Oh, wait….half a dozen cities in Europe for less than $500.

In Case You Missed It: 

JetBlue adds more Mint service to the Caribbean.

American Airlines Reduces Partner Earnings, Quickly and Painfully

I Had Sex In The Chair On The Plane And There Was A Guy Watching

The ultimate gadget giveaway is going on at Travel Update, a new collection of travel bloggers.  All you have to do is leave a comment on any post between now and August 8th to be eligible to win cool prizes like an Apple Watch or iPad.  Thanks to The Gate for drawing my attention to this.

AVGeek Candy!  Tour an Airbus factory and watch an A350 wing being made.  I’m totally jealous of Wandering Aramean for getting to experience this.  I guess my consolation prize was tooling around the Caribbean on the Norwegian launch flights last year with him.

SPG has launched another airline partnership, this time with China Eastern.  As Gary notes, I’m surprised SPG is still rolling out partnerships when a merger with Marriott is getting closer and closer.  Marriott is having teething issues rolling out basic benefits to match SPG, like late check-out.  These airline partnerships are more complicated from a tech standpoint, I assume.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

The Doctor of Credit tells us how to get $10 free from Walmart.

Heathrow Express is my preferred way to get from the airport to downtown, best to avoid London traffic if you can.  My buddy Mommy Points gives you a tip on how to save a few bucks along the way.

She’s also the first one I saw yesterday morning to discuss the new IHG Point Breaks.  5,000 IHG points a night is a pittance.  I really should book one of these someday…..

2,500 free Starpoints for adding an authorized user to your SPG Amex.  Thanks, MMS!

Okay, I can be a bit skeptical about Marriott’s ability to be as “cool” as SPG.  But, this story on View From The Wing about them sponsoring a guy who’s collected ALL the Pokemon in the US to travel the world to catch the rest is…..geekishly awesome.

Cranky Flier boils down the new FAA changes you might think benefit you (refunds on baggage fees when the airlines lose your bags and “family seating” on planes).  The likelihood is that the DOT will muck up the process of writing the final rules.  They’re not TSA bad (you know, screwing up a wet dream), but it’s unlikely they find a great way to thread these needles.

I really, really, want to think this is just a glitch with Hyatt.  Keri at Heels First had trouble with a Diamond suite upgrade now that she’s lost her Diamond status.  My reading of the rules is that she should have no problem doing what she did.  They already made negative changes to their Diamond Suite upgrades recently.  I’ve got to imagine if their intent was to make this change as well, they would have announced it then.

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