JetBlue Expands Mint Service To Grenada

JetBlue is cranking up more of their Mint service to another destination in the Caribbean.  This time it’s Grenada, which will get a once-weekly flight.  Quoting from the press release:

We are thrilled to introduce Mint to a fifth Caribbean route, where customers are paying too much for so-called premium service,” said Dave Clark, vice president network planning at JetBlue. “Our customers are quickly discovering Grenada and its world class beaches, attractions, and luxury resorts. Now customers traveling between New York and this Caribbean gem can enjoy the finest service and comfort during their flight.”

New York/JFK gets the majority of the Caribbean flights, with St. Maarten, Barbados, St. Lucia, Aruba and now Granada.

JetBlue Expands Mint Service

JetBlue Mint Expansion

The flight times to Grenada aren’t bad, even though the premium service is only once a week.  JFK-GND leaves  at 8am and arrives at 1:45pm, whereas the return leaves Grenada at 3:50pm and arrives New York at 7:28pm.

They’re only adding this extra Mint service from January to April.  That makes me think it’s based on when they have spare aircraft available, though I wonder what other route is more critical for the holidays in December that they’re waiting until late January.

For those not familiar with Mint service, it’s JetBlue’s version of first class.  It’s a really good premium product that competes with American, Delta and United on transcontinental flights (with a side of some Caribbean frequencies).  Here’s a brief description from their press release:

Travelers to Grenada – like those bound for Barbados, Aruba, St. Maarten and St. Lucia – will enjoy the longest fully-flat bed in the U.S. domestic premium market (a), including four private suites, and a 15-inch flat screen with complimentary entertainment options. Customers also enjoy a signature cocktail, a tapas-style menu, fresh espresso from the first purpose-built cappuccino machine for a U.S. airline, amenity kits by Birchbox, and dessert from Blue Marble and Mah-ze-Dahr Bakery.

I haven’t had the chance to fly Mint yet, but I’ve been told the seat is pretty similar to the new Aer Lingus seat.

At any rate, I don’t see myself going to Grenada just for Mint service, but some of the introductory prices aren’t really that much more than a coach seat.  For example, I see a one-way coach fare on January 21 for 270, where the Mint price is $412.  For a 5-hour flight, I’d pay that difference.

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