American Airlines Raises Checked Bag Fees, Introduces “Surge Pricing”

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American Airlines has been making changes pretty frequently since they finished merging their reservations systems as part of the merger with US Airways.

There were certain changes we expected, like a reduction in benefits for elite members and revenue based earning.  We also expected changes to partner earnings given the change in earnings on American flights, though I don’t think we expected it to happen with almost no notice.  That seems to be the norm now with American, which is a bit of a shame

Now that it’s become the norm, I wasn’t exactly surprised to see that baggage fees are changing this morning.  JonNYC is usually a very good source on American Airlines changes and sure enough, the changes are now reflected on the American Airlines website:

American Airlines Raises Checked Bag Fees

American Airlines Raises Checked Bag Fees

Quoting from the FlyerTalk post, here’s a full list of the changes we know about so far.

• $25 first checked bag fee now applies to all of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean except for Panama City and San Salvador; previous exceptions such as Kingston, Mexico City, Santo Domingo are rescinded
• New $40 second checked bag fee to Guayaquil and Quito
• New $55 seasonal (high season from 7/26 to 8/10 and 12/9 to 12/24) second checked bag charge to Port au Prince, San Pedro Sula, San Salvador, and Tegucigalpa
• New $40 seasonal second checked bag charge to Cali

New fees apply to tickets issued or reissued on or after July 26.

I haven’t willingly checked a bag myself since the 90s, but this will surely affect a lot of travelers.

I got a bit of a chuckle about the introduction of higher bag fees during peak seasons for certain destinations.  I guess American Airlines is taking a page from Uber’s book on surge pricing…..

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      1. Hi, a dumb question: how did you do this? I am oneworld sapphire but not with AA. When I book my ticket using AA miles, I cannot change my FF# even by calling CSR. Could you let me know how did you do this? Thanks

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